Introducing Everywhere Reviews – Get your reviews here, there and everywhere

One request + one review = endless online presence!

The facts are clear. Online reviews are now an entrenched part of the way consumers research local businesses. According to the most recent survey from Bright Local, 86 per cent of people read online reviews for local businesses, while 78 per cent trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

As a real estate agent doing business in this environment, the question is no longer whether reviews matter, but which review platform you should use. With so many competing platforms, which one will give your reviews the most exposure?

RateMyAgent has not only answered that question, but gone one better. Here’s how.

Step One: maximum efficiency. To give your reviews the most exposure, a review platform has to be easy for consumers to use in the first place. RateMyAgent collects reviews more efficiently than any other platform. Consumers don’t have to register or sign up. They simply click a link, type their review, and submit it.

Our platform is so simple to use, that when you ask for reviews, you’ll receive them 60% of the time. The strike rate for many other platforms is closer to 10%! In fact, posting reviews on RateMyAgent is so easy, that around half are posted with a mobile device.

Step Two: review syndication. You know consumers are looking for reviews, but you don’t know where they’re looking. It might be Google, Facebook, or real estate websites. And you need to make it easy for consumers to find your reviews.

RateMyAgent solves these problems by making sure your reviews appear everywhere across the internet. This continually shows consumers that you’re a trusted agent. The more they see your reviews, the more trust they will build.

Here’s how we can make your reviews appear everywhere, expand your online presence and build that all-important trust.

First, RateMyAgent is integrated with Google My Business and Facebook Reviews, so you can turn your RateMyAgent reviews into Google and/or Facebook reviews. It’s a huge opportunity to expand your reach across the world’s most popular platforms. When a seller or buyer submits a review to RateMyAgent, our system will prompt them to post it to Google and/or Facebook Reviews. It’s that simple!

Second, RateMyAgent is integrated with the Google, Facebook and Instagram ad networks. In a few easy steps, you can turn your chosen reviews into targeted display advertising across these powerful platforms.



Next, RateMyAgent has an Application Programming Interface (“API”) – a fancy term for a tool that enables you to pull your chosen reviews from our database and display them on your own website or any other website or product in the digital sphere.

In yet more ways to make sure your reviews appear everywhere, RateMyAgent offers Review Widgets, which feed your reviews onto your own website in real time. The Widgets are SEO optimised, so your reviews will appear in Google search results. We also offer the Social Media Manager, which automatically posts your reviews to your chosen social media channels.

And remember: every RateMyAgent review creates its own webpage with a unique URL. It’s a great opportunity to include links to your chosen reviews on your website and in email marketing.

So many ways to make one review appear everywhere on the internet!