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2020 Agent of the Year Winners – National awards

Here are the best agents in Australia – judged by verified consumers


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Agent of the Year – Australia

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The RateMyAgent Agent of the Year Awards are the largest real estate awards in Australia, comparing over 35,000 agents and agencies across the country. They highlight the leading real estate agents and agencies in each suburb, city and state across Australia, and on a national level.


The awards, which are in their sixth year, are the only major customer choice awards for the real estate industry in Australia. Rather than being judged by industry peers, the awards are calculated based on the verified reviews that customers provide on the RateMyAgent website.


These awards are the only industry awards to put sellers’ needs first, and exist to help consumers identify benchmarks in their suburbs. 


Want to see the winner for your suburb, city or state? Simply search a location on Ratemyagent.com.au and you’ll see who the best agents are, based on real, verified consumer feedback.


But now let’s introduce the top 100 agents in Australia, and the female and male Rising Star winners.



2020 Agent of the Year


Josh Tesolin

Josh Tesolin

Australian Real Estate, NSW




2020 Rising Stars of the Year


 Paul Chwyla

Paul Chwyla

    Morrison Kleeman Estate Agents Pty Ltd – Doreen    


 Marina Condic

Marina Condic

Jas Stephens Yarraville 


The Top 100 Agent of the Year Award winners are…

1. Josh Tesolin
2. Tim Heavyside
3. Adam Sacco
4. Michelle Stephens
5. Bonnie Hollander
6. Peter Diamantidis
7. Shane Beaumont
8. Shane Donovan
9. Dib Chidiac
10. Greg Heard
11. Ben Pike
12. Leigh Jordan
13. Dane Queenan
14. Andy Yeung
15. Chris Hassall
16. Dave Lane
17. Sandy Morris
18. Warren Paas
19. Will Torres
20. Paul Chwyla
21. Harry Coomer
22. Nick Clarke
23. Tony Moorfoot
24. Robert Dolan
25. Sandy Rana
26. Alistair Agius
27. Solomon Soner
28. David Gigliotti
29. Sharon Schnyder
30. Mark Thornton
31. Nick van Vliet
32. Leon Gouzenfiter
33. Reece Thompson
34. Jake Towns
35. Symon Badenoch
36. Taylor Bredin
37. Nick Psarros
38. Penny Stylianou
39. Michael Tynan
40. Richard Imbesi
41. David Johnson
42. Troy Duncan
43. Sonya Treloar
44. Mark Rumsey
45. Shane Spiteri
46. Jack Ho
47. Edward Brown
48. Robert Younis
49. Nyree Ewings
50. Rakesh Waadhwa
51. Daniel Hall
52. John Bradley
53. Corie Sciberras
54. Justine Dill
55. Daniel Starr
56. Eddy Piddington
57. Nicole Bragg
58. Mick Brace
59. Adam Gould
60. Andrew Milne
61. Brian Whiteman
62. Nathan Skewes
63. Jay Bacani
64. Matthew Everingham
65. Therese Plath
66. Darren Dowd
67. Kevin Chokshi
68. Josh Sherwood
69. Melinda Lee-Ball
70. Lisa Eden-Horvat
71. Sam Yazdi
72. Debbie Ward
73. Michael Assaad
74. Paul Bateman
75. Grant Maskill-Dowton
76. Brett Hayman
77. John Birrell
78. Ryan McCann
79. Bailey White
80. Petar Markanovic
81. Linda Feltman
82. Alexander Phillips
83. Mark Lawler
84. Craig Lea
85. George Skizas
86. Phillip Nicholas
87. Jacob Stanton
88. Amit Nayak
89. Dwight Colbert
90. Adrian Kay
91. Rose Mickoska
92. Greg Nicolson
93. Renee Bean-Wyper
94. Shane Fox
95. Brent Illingworth
96. Michael Wright
97. Michelle Percival
98. Trevor Bowen
99. Mele Gong
100. Andrew Seers

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Want to see the winner for your suburb, city or state?

Simply search a location on Ratemyagent.com.au and you’ll see who the best agents are, based on real, verified consumer feedback across state, city, and suburb levels.


Here’s the winners for each state:












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2020 Agent of the Year Winners – National awards

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Introducing: The 2020 Agent of the Year Award winners

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