How RateMyAgent helps you choose an agent

Only real reviews. Only real customers. Every time. 

RateMyAgent is a free-to-use platform which allows buyers and sellers to rate and review their real estate agents so people researching the market can get honest insights into an agent’s or agency’s level of service.


Each review submitted to RateMyAgent is linked to the unique property transaction it relates to, so if you’re researching an agent you can be 100% sure you’re reading verified comments from genuine customers. To leave a review, a seller or buyer has to have worked directly with an agent, not just anyone can jump in and leave a review.

“If you’re researching an agent on RateMyAgent you can be 100% sure you’re reading verified reviews from genuine sellers.”

How the Agent of the Year Awards help you choose an agent


The Agent of the Year Awards look at which agents have had the most consistent customer recommendations through a calendar year and how successful that agent has been in terms of sales volume and sales price or properties leased in the case of Property Management. The awards then rank agents and their agencies so it’s clear to see who are leaders in each suburb across Australia. 


“The Agent of the Year Awards look at which agents have had the most consistent customer recommendations, not just the highest transactions.”

Transacting the most properties doesn’t necessarily make someone the best agent!


The agent or agency that’s transacted the most properties or made the most money isn’t always the best agent for your sale. An agent who is displaying consistent positive reviews for their work is often the kind of agent who is providing a premium level of customer service and will often go the extra mile to ensure they provide the best experience to their customer – you the seller or the landlord.


Agents can be in your life for an average of six months, so choosing one you’re comfortable with is key.


The Agent of the Year Awards look at the agents or agencies who’ve been the most consistently recommended by their customers and awards the leading agents in each suburb, state, city and on a national level.

“An agent with more satisfied customers could give you a better selling experience than an unreviewed agent who just has a high sales volume.”

Look for an agent with a solid review history, not just one with a high transaction volume – or worse, with no customer reviews at all. The best agents aren’t afraid to ask for public feedback.



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