How to find the best real estate agent

It’s only natural to be nervous about selling a property. After all, it’s not something most people do on a regular basis. Perhaps the most critical decision is choosing a real estate agent. But how do you make that decision? In this post, we shed some light on what you should be looking for.

What to look for in a real estate agent

 1.  You’ll want an expert in your area

Location is, after all, the most important criteria for buyers. You’ll want to choose a real estate agent who can value your property accurately and knows—and can sell—the benefits of your location. That’s because when you enter the market, you’ll want to be playing to your property’s strengths.

 2.  Look for proof that they can sell a property like yours.

A history of selling similar places means they have direct experience in your market and may also still be in contact with potential buyers.

 3.  Listen to your instinct.

People tend to buy from people they like. If there’s something you don’t like about your prospective agent, there’s a chance a buyer might feel the same. Which real estate agent to choose may depend on whether you feel you can trust them and if you think they’ll listen and respond to any concerns you have.


Questions to ask a real estate agent when selling a house

Ask your agent how they plan to sell your property and ask them to explain why they consider that to be the best approach. Not only is this an opportunity for the agent to demonstrate that they know, and have sold properties in, the local market, it’s a chance for them to prove they’re not full of hot air. You should also ask the agent about their fees. 

How to choose a real estate agent

At the very least, check their qualifications to make sure they are a licensed real estate agent. Also check out their latest reviews, how many properties they have sold and download their agent report to find out their comparable sales, reviews, rankings and statistics tailored to your address.

A word about recommendations

A recommendation is, without doubt, the best way of choosing a real estate agent. There’s so much to be said for the peace of mind a recommendation from someone you trust will deliver. To help you along, RateMyAgent has verified reviews on the agents who sold 1 in 3 properties in Australia and more than 750,000 reviews in total. That means all the information you need to give you confidence that they’ll keep their promises is right there at your fingertips.

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