One review, three platforms, huge online exposure

Introducing Connect Google and Connect Facebook


Love or hate it, the vast majority of traffic on the internet originates from Google and Facebook – so, as an agent who understands the importance of online reviews, it’s vital to ensure your reviews are highly visible on these key platforms.

To help you do this quickly and easily – and boost your online reputation as a trusted agent – RateMyAgent has developed Connect Google and Connect Facebook as part of our Everywhere Reviews package.

Using Connect Google and Connect Facebook couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Send your seller or buyer a request to post a review on RateMyAgent.
  2. When they write the review, RateMyAgent’s system will prompt them to copy and post it to Google Reviews and/or Facebook Reviews.
    (If, for some reason, the buyer or seller opts not to act on the prompt, their review will still appear on RateMyAgent, so it’s a productive use of time for both of you.)

“Getting your reviews onto Google and Facebook via RateMyAgent not only helps you reach more people on the world’s most trafficked platforms and boost your online reputation as a trusted agent,” says RateMyAgent CEO Mark Armstrong.

“It means you only need to ask your seller or buyer for one review, once. You don’t have to ask them for multiple reviews to post on individual platforms. It’s less time and hassle for everyone.”



Connect Google and Connect Facebook provide an unparalleled opportunity to expand your reach across the world’s most popular platforms – and setting them up is a piece of cake.

Just connect your Google My Business listing and your Facebook profile to your RateMyAgent account. Whenever you request a review, RateMyAgent’s system will take care of the rest.