One review – everywhere! RateMyAgent integrates with Google reviews

RateMyAgent has integrated with Google My Business 

We all know that the vast majority of search engine traffic comes from Google.

What’s more, Google places a lot importance on reviews published on its own platform. The more Google reviews you have, the better your search engine optimisation (SEO) and the stronger your online visibility.

It’s vital to keep your Google profile up-to-date. This includes displaying your latest client reviews – but when you’ve already asked your vendor and buyer to submit reviews to RateMyAgent, you may be reluctant to ask them to write more reviews for Google.

“It’s vital to keep your Google profile up-to-date.” 

Problem solved! RateMyAgent has integrated with Google My Business. Each time a client submits a review to RateMyAgent, they’ll see a prompt asking them to post their review on Google reviews. One click to copy from RateMyAgent; one click to paste into Google reviews. That’s it. Job done!

You don’t need to do anything extra. Just keep requesting a RateMyAgent review from each vendor and buyer, for every property you sell, and our Google integration will take care of the rest.


  (only available to agency profiles – details here)




Amplify the power of verified reviews, with the world’s biggest search engine 

We know you appreciate the convenience of centralising reviews through a hub like RateMyAgent – but syndicating it across one of the world’s largest online platforms will take your visibility to a whole new level.


What’s more, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that your reviews have already been authenticated through RateMyAgent’s comprehensive verification process. Every review that appears on Google is from someone you know – so you don’t have to worry that they’re bogus.



(only available to agency profiles – details here)




A commitment to build the best tools for agents and agencies 



RateMyAgent is now a Premier Partner with Google, providing access to exclusive support, mentoring and collaboration with Google that allows RateMyAgent to build world-class products for agents and agencies.

A prime example is Promoter, which has been designed to allow agents to benefit from the latest Google technologies in a few clicks, without having to master Google’s complex, and constantly evolving platform.

As a Premier Partner, RateMyAgent stays on the bleeding edge of Google technologies, ensuring agents and agencies are getting the most efficient, effective digital marketing results. 


The latest addition, Connect with Google, is out now.



(only available to agency profiles – details here)







Product release details:   Connect with Google


Availability:  Agency profiles with a subscription


What does this mean for your agency? 

No longer do you have to ask your clients to review you on RateMyAgent and Google.

Simply request a review on RateMyAgent and your clients will be prompted to post the same review into Google reviews.

  • Every vendor and buyer is prompted to post their review on Google reviews
  • Builds trust with clients through verified RateMyAgent reviews on Google reviews
  • Improves your search engine optimisation (SEO) in Google search results

Does your agency have access?
As an agency feature, connecting with Google reviews requires your agency to have a paid subscription to access the feature.


If you have any questions please contact our customer support team.