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2021 Mortgage Broker of the Year – Australia

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2021 Mortgage Broker of the Year – State

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The RateMyAgent Agent of the Year Awards are the largest real estate awards in Australia, comparing over 35,000 agents, agencies and mortgage brokers across the country. They highlight the leading mortgage brokers in each state across Australia, as well as on a national level.


The awards, which are in their seventh year for agents and agencies and in their first year for mortgage brokers, are the only major customer choice awards for the real estate industry in Australia. Rather than being judged by industry peers, the awards are calculated based on the verified reviews that customers provide on the RateMyAgent website.


These awards are the only industry awards to put clients’ needs first, and exist to help consumers identify benchmarks in their local area. 


Let’s now introduce the top 20 mortgage brokers in Australia, and the top 5 in each state and territory.



2021 Mortgage Broker of the Year


Mortgage Broker of the Year 2021

Peter Gomm



The Top 20 Mortgage Brokers of the Year Award winners are…

1. Peter Gomm
2. Adrian Feltham
3. Joshua Geurts
4. Max Ivanoff
5. Trina Phillips
6. Kris Menon
7. Zain Peart
8. Kevin Nguyen
9. Damien Roylance
10. Parag Dixit
11. Jai Martinkovits
12. Joshua Carleton
13. Hannah Nguyen
14. Chris Brown
15. Gurdev Singh
16. Marivic Ayap
17. Mitchell Boulden
18. Jim Henwood
19. Liam Carroll
20. Graeme Holm

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Here’s the winners for each state:

Australian Capital Territory

1. Abraham Tang
2. David Coates
3. Yianni Pazios
4. Robert Mercieca


New South Wales

1. Joshua Geurts
2. Kris Menon
3. Trina Phillips
4. Parag Dixit
5. Chris Brown


Northern Territory

1. Katrina Parrington
2. Emma Delahay



1. Joshua Carleton
2. Jai Hobbs
3. Patrick Cranshaw
4. Nathan Wilkinson
5. Graeme Holm


South Australia

1. Daniel Renella
2. Marc Beltman
3. Theo P Katsivas
4. Lee Banh
5. Len Labuschagne



1. Adrian Feltham
2. Belinda Buchanan
3. Helen Gray
4. Zared Beckett



1. Max Ivanoff
2. Kevin Nguyen
3. Damien Roylance
4. Hannah Nguyen
5. Jim Henwood


Western Australia

1. Peter Gomm
2. Fiona Conley
3. Catherine Borromei
4. Damian Lunt
5. Paul Hamilton


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