Post your reviews on the web anywhere, anytime, any way!

Introducing the RateMyAgent API


RateMyAgent is committed to helping trusted agents build a visible and credible online presence. That’s why we’re developing efficient and effective ways to ensure your reviews appear as widely as possible.

We already offer you ways to 1) post your reviews to high-traffic platforms like Google and Facebook; 2) turn them into attractive display ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram; and 3) automatically post reviews to your chosen social media channels.

Now, we’re going one better, by offering you the RateMyAgent Application Programming Interface (“API” for short).

Fear not: you don’t need to be a tech head to use or understand it. An API is a fancy term for a tool that enables you to:

  1. pull the raw data of your chosen reviews from RateMyAgent’s database
  2. integrate the data with your own website, or any other website or product in the digital sphere
  3. display the reviews in any design you want, whenever and whenever you choose.


Now, you really can ensure that your reviews appear everywhere. YOU have control.



API vs Review Widget – what’s the difference?

RateMyAgent controls the Review Widget. We decide how it looks and how it works. The Widget remains a highly effective option if you choose to use it. The API simply offers more flexibility, by giving you control over how your reviews look, and when and where they appear.


Automatic integration with your Domain profile!

We’re excited to announce that we have teamed up with to offer the RateMyAgent API with all your RateMyAgent reviews already onboard. That’s right – your reviews will be syndicated and appear automatically on your Domain profile from the get-go. This provides a huge boost to your online reputation as a trusted local agent!

From there on, the choice of websites and platforms to display your reviews is completely up to you.

The RateMyAgent API is one more way that RateMyAgent helps you use your reviews efficiently, effectively, everywhere. It’s the ultimate in choice and control.