Get your reviews seen by the right people, at the right place, at the right time

Make your hard-earned reviews work harder for you.


Written by Mark Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder of RateMyAgent



There’s no denying that product and service reviews are embedded in our decision-making process, whether you’re booking a restaurant (good news, we can do that now!), buying a laptop or making a life-changing decision such as buying or selling your home.


Star ratings provide us with a short-cut to the customer service provided by businesses but the review itself is the golden nugget, as it gives us context to the star rating, provides us with validation and in the real estate industry, helps vendors and buyers differentiate between real estate agents and the level of service they offer. It still amazes me how beautifully detailed these reviews are and how they can tell the complete story of the relationship and journey between the buyer/vendor and their agent, not just a transaction.


We know how important online reviews are – 89% of consumers read online reviews but the question now is, how do real estate agents best utilise them to help build their business? Reviews are your biggest assets, you’ve worked hard to earn them, so how do you make them work for you?


The first step is ensuring you are found where your customers are searching and tap into your entire digital ecosystem (including your owned channels – your website and social media pages).


Google, Facebook and real estate websites are the main channels and you need to ensure it’s easy for your prospective clients to find your reviews (and ensure your reviews are consistent on each platform or website).



Google My Business and Facebook Reviews

In my previous blogs, I have highlighted the importance of being found on Google, creating a Google My Business Page, setting up a Facebook Business page and utilising its advertising features to ensure you are engaging with your community and you’re seen where your prospective clients are.


The good news is that RateMyAgent is integrated with Google My Business and Facebook Reviews, so you can turn your RateMyAgent reviews into Google and/or Facebook reviews. It’s a huge opportunity to expand your reach across the world’s most popular platforms. When a seller or buyer submits a review to RateMyAgent, our system will prompt them to post it to Google and/or Facebook Reviews.


RateMyAgent is also integrated with the Google, Facebook and Instagram ad networks. In a few clicks, you can turn your chosen reviews into targeted display advertising across these powerful platforms.



Bringing your reviews to your entire digital ecosystem with API Technology

If you don’t have your reviews on your own website, RateMyAgent has an Application Programming Interface (“API”) – a ‘techie’ term for a tool that enables you to pull your chosen reviews from our database and display them on your own website or any other website or product in your digital ecosystem.


RateMyAgent offers Review Widgets, which feed your reviews onto your own website in real-time. The Widgets are SEO optimised, so your reviews will appear in Google search results. We also offer Social Media Manager, a tool which automatically posts your reviews to your chosen social media channels.


The API technology has also enabled us to partner with Domain last year to showcase our recommendations from RateMyAgent across participating agents and agencies profiles on to help real estate agents build their brand and drive market share.


Not to mention, each RateMyAgent review creates its own webpage with a unique URL. It’s a great opportunity to include links to your chosen reviews on your website and in email marketing.


There are many ways to make one review appear ‘everywhere’ online and in my next Espresso Series, I will take you through easy steps to get your reviews on channels and platforms where it matters (where your prospective customers are).



Espresso Series

RateMyAgent is here to help as you navigate this ‘new normal’ world with the launch of our free weekly livestream. The Espresso Series are short 15-minute educational sessions to help you learn practical skills so you can thrive in a changing environment.


Every Wednesday, Mark Armstrong, RateMyAgent CEO & Co-founder will host and deliver these webinar sessions in addition to Subject Matter Experts from our business and industry leaders.


If you haven’t already registered for the Espresso Series, please register below (you only need to register once to access all sessions).



When:  Every Wednesday at 2pm AEST

Wednesday 3rd June topic: “How to get your reviews on channels and platforms where it matters (where your prospective customers are)” plus Q&A with Mark.

Host:  Mark Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder of RateMyAgent.